Who We Are

Bean Counters

Unlike most firms, we’re proud of the nickname – because it’s what we do best.
We take control of the numbers so that you don’t have to.

Business Builders

We strive to empower businesses with affordable, time efficient and dynamic accounting solutions, allowing owners the ability to make effective financial decisions.

Problem Solvers

Numbers aren’t always straight forward. We’re committed to taking a measured, holistic approach to tricky problems – to find you the simplest solution.


When it comes to numbers every situation is unique, and that’s why we place the utmost importance in actually listening to our clients, so we are meeting your needs.

Our Purpose

We’re more than just Chartered Accountants in Perth, though we are that too! We take a flexible, experienced approach to accounting and bookkeeping to keep your input as minimal as possible. Our main purpose is to simplify the trickiest parts of business accounting, personal bookkeeping or business tax problems so that you will be able to focus on what’s most important, and be confident, knowing that you’ll pay the least tax possible.

In addition, if you need education, advice, or to gain some financial literacy, we want to hear from you.

Our team has a bit of an appetite for empowering small business people to handle their numbers, so that you can use your understanding to make better, more informed financial decisions.

At Simple Solutions, we empower business owners to implement affordable, time efficient and effective accounting solutions that provide the tools to allow business owners to focus on operating their business, yet having the ability to make real-time financial decisions.

We can teach you how to run the numbers, so the numbers don’t run you.

Tax Returns

Happy Clients


Our Team

Gillian Nathan

Gillian Nathan

Director CA, CA(SA), ATI

Gillian is a qualified chartered accountant, with articled experience in a Big 4 firm. As well as completing her Masters in Taxation and International Taxation, she is a Registered Tax Agent and an Associate Member of the Tax Institute. Gillian has extensive experience in both the public sector and private sector experience, working in both before running her own successful tax practice for over 15 years.

Gillian’s experience includes sitting on a board of directors at a listed clients, being a member of the Junior Executive Board at the South African Revenue Services, and facilitating discussions in the negotiations of double taxation agreements. In addition, Gillian has completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and is a qualified secondary school teacher in Accounting and Economics. She has also lectured postgraduate courses and facilitated training and presented at in house training courses for employees of large listed clients.

Gillian has combined her passion for education, taxation, business, and accounting to build Simple Solutions Accounting Services. When not providing real-time financial services to small businesses and individuals, Gillian chases after two sporty, crafty, crazy kids, or attempts to hide behind her Kindle and a glass of SB (or at least a HOT vanilla chai latte)!

Sarah Peckham

Sarah Peckham


Highly ethical and professional, Sarah solves accounting system set ups to ensure efficient and effective financial record keeping with minimal input from the business owner – which allows the business owner to focus on what is important: their business!

With a background in banking and auditing, Sarah has exact attention to detail, balances to the cent, and ensures all beans are counted correctly.

When she’s not pouring over numbers, Sarah is a mother of two very busy boys, involved on many committees , reads vicariously (especially a good “boy adores girl” story), is a keen movie buff, sewing fiend, and part time portable IT help desk (her superpower is she can find the answer to anything on Google!).

Sanet Doman

Sanet Doman


Sanet is a qualified Chartered Accountant who completed her articles at a mid-tier firm. After articles, she started specialising in taxation at one of the big 4 firms, however, her passion for teaching led her to a role as a senior lecturer in taxation at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.  During her time as senior lecturer, Sanet completed her Masters in Taxation and International Taxation.

After moving to Australia, Sanet obtained extensive experience in tax for individuals, trusts, partnerships and small companies. In addition to this, she has a passion for numbers and assists clients with bookkeeping, accounting, BAS and PAYGW / PAYGI.

When Sanet is not working, she loves to pursue her passion for long distance road and trail running (the only way to get some quiet time from 3 busy girls at home).

Patrizia Capolingua

Patrizia Capolingua

Executive Assistant

Patrizia is an experienced and dedicated office administrator committed to providing efficient, accurate and timely administrative services.  Patrizia has also completed a Bachelor of Business.

Patrizia’s background ranges from undertaking Electorate Officer duties for a Senator for Western Australia, to providing high level administrative services as the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director and CEO of a minerals exploration company.

When Patrizia is not in the office, she is kept busy running around after two energetic and quirky girls.  Patrizia enjoys the opportunity to catch up with friends, or finding some quiet time to read a good book whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Professional Memberships & Software

Giving Back – Community is Important

One of the great privileges of operating our own dynamic Perth tax and accounting practice is being able to give back to causes that matter to us.

2018 Charity of Choice

In 2018 Simple Solutions charity of Choice is Assistance Dogs Australia

There are a variety of reasons why I have chosen Assistance Dogs Australia as my charity of choice for 2018

  • We are an animal loving family and have two dogs and a cat. We have a massive Bull Mastiff cross Ridgeback called Jock (named after the South African Jock of the Bushveld icon, and not after some random pair of Bonds). Jock is 55kg of pure energy who runs with my hubby and would lick you to death, and is the softest gentlest goofiest mutt around. On the opposite spectrum we have a new little lady called Amber who is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and is 18 weeks old. She is pretty and petite and a real feisty little lady. She and Jock are firm friends. Our ginger ninja cat is called Blaze (please note the names of the Perth Scorchers mascots). My daughter wants to be a vet when she grows up (and that has been consistent since she was 3 years old) so suffice to say, animals will always be a big part of our lives.
  • I have a client who works (mainly) with children with a variety of needs including autism and having heard firsthand the additional difference that an Assistance Dog has made in the lives of those children and their families was the catalyst for me to support this charity.
  • A dog is a man’s best friend.
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, if that is not enough …. Who does not love the over abundance of cuteness.

I continue to support Intensive Care Foundation and have sponsored the local Canning Cougars Tball Team

Simple Solutions is proud to choose The Intensive Care Foundation as the charity that they will support in 2017, with 5% of all sales being donated on a quarterly basis to the foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the care of critically ill patients by raising funds for clinical research projects as well as the education of health professionals responsible for intensive care. They also aims to raise the awareness and profile of intensive care throughout the community, highlighting the life-saving work that intensive care doctors, nurses and researchers perform daily. “In November 2016, I had the privilege of meeting Sharon Knapp, the WA Ambassador for the Intensive Care Foundation Org who’s story is inspirational.  Sharon has devoted her time (and life since 2009)  to raising funds for the organisation on a purely volunteer basis, after her son, who was involved in a traumatic motor vehicle accident, and spent weeks in a coma, in Intensive Care, and months in recovery after he lost both legs and tributes his recovery to the latest trial research techniques that was used by a doctor. Sharon herself has saved a life through donating a kidney to her best friend’s husband and was in surgery when her son came out of his coma. The Knapp Family Research Grant has been created to honour Ms Sharon Knapp and her family in Perth, WA. Following  the remarkable recovery of their son, Dwayne, who spent several weeks in intensive care back in 2009, Sharon and her family have been tireless fundraisers and advocates for the Foundation. Sharon’s personal dedication to the Foundation’s cause is inspirational and has assisted greatly in raising the profile of the Foundation in WA as well as raising valuable funds.”  – Gillian.

Our Eco Commitment

As a mother of two, who wants my children to grow up in a world with trees, fresh air and water, as well as being a business owner who genuinely cares about the environment  – That’s why Simple Solutions Accounting Services Perth has chosen to go paperless. Although the total elimination of paper may not be feasible for every business, even a small reduction may yield cost savings and increased efficiency. It doesn’t matter if your company is in the startup phase or has developed well-established policies and procedures, there are always advantages to reducing paper usage.  Here are some of the reasons we have committed to going paperless:

  • Document Organisation – I don’t waste time sorting through piles of paper. Electronic storage allows for quick retrieval of information. I also don’t incur storage costs – and I can easily destroy electronic documents once the ATO prescription period has passed.
  • Client Communication is Faster and Less Expensive – I have no postage or printing expenses; all documents are sent electronically
  • Paperless Files Are Easily Saved and Retrieved on the Go – expenses and log books  can be captured and stored  electronically and easily retrieved at tax time. I encourage all my clients to maintain this method of storage for tax efficient filing and also to retain correct records (especially as most tax invoices fade over time)
  • Automatic Backups – Multiple backups and cloud based storage allows for automatic backups, and also to plug in a new device and be ready to work in the event of hardware failure. Avoids loss of crucial documents in the event of fire or flood, or even theft.
  • Data Security – cloud based security, data encryption, SSL certificates, encrypted logins etc provide far more secure environment then locked filing cabinet and paper shredder. As the holder of confidential client information including TFN’s and DOB’s and financial information – data security is critical to me for the protection of my clients confidential information.
  • Environmental Friendliness  – reduce paper and  ink cartridge consumption.  A paperless environment may also mean less energy consumption. Small businesses use less energy when printers, faxes, and copiers are inactive.
  • Financial Benefits – the savings of going paperless extends beyond just the cost of the paper, which can be substantial. Ink and hardware replacement costs are also reduced.