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Taxing Times – Personal Taxes
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by Financial Toolbox  (Gillian Nathan – Guest Presenter)
Tax time. It’s either highly anticipated or a dreaded nightmare! It depends on how organised and well-versed you are in knowing where you stand for tax claims. What should you be aware of when considering your financial position and the taxes you pay? Are you missing out on claims or deductions? What should you consider when compiling your tax return, or claiming deductions for expenses?
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Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Perth Office, Level 11 / 2 Mill Street Perth
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Simple Solutions has a passion for education and empowerment of individuals and small business owners. Our team of experts run workshops and training on a regular basis – from one on one to whole teams and departments.

How we can help


Starting up my Business

  • What structure should I set up
  • What do I need to apply for – ABN / Business Name
  • Should I register for GST and PAYGW
  • Getting the basic business foundations correct

Cash Flow is King

  • Cash flow management and forecasting – including triggers

All About the Numbers

  • Understand basic financials
  • Which numbers should I track in MY business

** All workshops are 3 hours long and cost $99 per participant.


  • Setting up my accounting package – specific to my business
  • XERO training
  • Business coaching