New guidelines to combat identity theft

February 8, 2022

ATO releases new guidelines to combat identity theft

The ATO has released new guidelines to combat identity theft

Criminals are using increasingly sophisticated attempts to steal taxpayer identities, as such, the ATO and the Tax Practitioners Board have developed new client verification guidelines for tax practitioners.

The ATO has developed client verification guidelines for registered tax practitioners and BAS agents using Online services for agents or practitioner lodgement services through software.

By following the guideline, the ATO said tax practitioners would have met the requirements prescribed by the TPB.

“The guideline states that while the ATO does not expect tax practitioners to go back and verify their entire client base, it is asking tax practitioners to perform identity checks on all new clients, including representatives of new clients and new representatives of existing clients. Tax practitioners should also perform identity checks where they have concerns that existing clients may not be who they say they are, it said. The guidelines advise against retaining identification documents as this may increase the risk of being targeted by criminals.”


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